Melted Crayon Ornaments


So project was inspired by the hundreds of melted crayon crafts on Pintrest. Lots of fun, lots of experimentation, and the result is pretty awesome


Glass bulbs (I bought mine at ACMoore for $4.00 for 6)

Crayons, Luckily I have a 3 year old and a 2 year old so broken crayons are in abundance. However, after experimenting with different brands, I do have to say that Crayolas melt the best.

Hair dryer

Craft knife or peeler, if you use the peeler make sure it’s one you are going to keep for just crafts since it will no longer be good for food

That’s it… nothing complex!¬†First, you have to get the pesky paper off your crayons. The hardest part was peeling the labels off the crayons, However if you soak them for a few minutes it becomes easier.

For the next step we used 2 different methods. The first method was to break / cut the crayons into chunks, the second was to shave off pieces of the crayons. Each one gave a different result once melted. Image

Next, remove the metal top of the ornament, pick your colors and place the chunks / shavings inside the ornament.

ImageUse the hair dryer to heat the ornament (and crayons) until the wax melts. With the shavings we shook to ornaments to spread the shavings around and the heated them just enough to get them to stick. The chunks take a little longer to melt, but as you turn the ornament, you have a little more control over where the color goes. I left lots of transparent space on mine because I liked the look of it, however, you can definitely cover the whole inside with color. Image

This was a great project to do with the superheros, however, because the glass gets super hot, I would definitely recommend some serious supervision. We let them choose their colors and fill the ornaments, but we held / turned the ornaments while the kids held the blow dryer. We tried oven mitts, but they made it hard to hold on to and as long as you keep it moving it shouldn’t burn your fingers.

Have fun!!!